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Recycling Makes Cents is dedicated to preserving the environment and its natural resources. Did you know...each hour, everyday, 75 acres of forest habitat is destroyed? Over the past 30 years, man has destroyed 40% of the earth's rainforests. Approximately 40% of waste sent to landfills is paper products.

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Be part of our GREEN TEAM and let's help each other.

It's a whole new world of recycling. Protect the future and together we can make a difference. Save a forest...recycle everyday! 

Money Does Grow on Trees! Get cash for cardboard, paper, metals, pop cans and electronics. Please call us at 519-252-7000 for additional information, rebates and pricing.

  • Registered Used Tire Collection Site

  • OTS Collection Site Collector

  • Purging Files for Certified Destruction


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