• Joysticks/ Game Controls
  • Massagers/ SHaving Equipment
  • Metal Tools (drills, screwdrivers, saws sanders, etc.)
  • Palm Organizers/ Hand Held Games
  • Paper Shredders
  • Portable Radio/ CD Players
  • Postage Machines
  • Projectors
  • Printers (Laser, ink jet, dot matrix, etc.)
  • Remote Control Devices
  • Space Heaters
  • Speakers/ Stereo Systems
  • String Lights (holiday lights on wires) 
  • Televisions
  • Typewritters/ Word Processors
  • UPS (Battery Backups
  • ​Vacuum Cleaners (No Bags)
  • VCR, DVD, Laser Disc Players
  • Video Game Players​
Electronics Recycling Service Windsor Essex

Safely manage end-of-life electronics at your home or office. Over 90% of electronic parts can be recycled . At Recycling Makes Cents, we will accept your unwanted electronics - we take anything that plugs in - for example:

Bring in Your Used Unwanted Electronics & Get Paid For Them - Ask Us How...Call 519-252-7000 or email us.

Did You Know... Electronics Cannot be Placed in Your Curbside Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling Service Windsor Essex
  • Adding Machines/ Calculators
  • Answering Machines
  • Blenders (No Glass)
  • Cable/Satellite Receivers
  • ​Cameras (film, magnetic tape, digital)
  • Carpet Sweepers
  • Cash Registers
  • CBs/ Two-way radios
  • CD Rom/Zip/Tape Drives
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes, Floppies, etc.
  • Coffee Makers (No Glass)
  • Copy/ Fax/ Scanner MAchines
  • Cords & Cables (power, USB, etc.
  • Curling Irons
  • Digital Clocks
  • Electronic Knives
  • Electronic Mice
  • Electronic Tooth Brushes
  • Fans
  • Food Sealing Equipment
  • ​Hair Dryers​
Electronics Recycling Service Windsor Essex

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