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A paper drive or the collection of electronics and aluminum cans are good fundraisers for schools, organizations and churches since collecting these items requires very little manpower and is easy to accomplish with the help of the community.

We propose the following for your recycling drive...


  • Designate a leader for your group who can also be our contact person.
  • Choose a weekend (make sure to allow for 6-8 weeks of exposure) for the recycling drive and an area (approximately 120 ft long x 7 feet wide x 9 feet tall ) for our lockable recycling drive container.
  • Organize a small group of 5 or more people who can assist in advertising the recycling drive and/ or even collecting the items from local residents' homes and businesses.
  • Organize a small group of 5 or more people who can assist in the unloading of cars and loading of the container during the recycling drive weekend.


  • Advertise by distributing flyers, sending emails, placing an ad and/ or submitting a press release in the local newspaper, newsletter, school paper, bulletin and/ or homeowner's association newsletter.
  • Send a reminder to local residents at least one week prior to the paper drive weekend.
  • Recycling Makes Cents is here to help. We offer, free of charge, consulting and basic graphic design in order to help you get the message out.


  • Orderly stack the paper and items so as to maximize areas.
  • Give us a call if you expect to fill the container before the end of the recycling drive weekend so that we can switch the container.
  • Lock the container at the end of the drive.

Call 519-252-7000 and speak with one of our consultants for more information on setting up your paper drive. Email questions may be sent to Craig Whittaker or Silvia Ortiz