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Our Services


A Community and Industrial Recycling Centre - Locally Owned & Operated

​​​Certified Document Shredding

​​​​​​The shredding service is a perfect solution for data security to our community in Windsor Essex County! You can shred all your confidential documents and keep the information about your business, clients and family secure

Bin Rental

​​The Bin Rental Service is the perfect solution for homeowners, businesses and contractors looking for convenient debris removal and garbage disposal, this service includes Bin Rental Services, Junk Bins, Garbage Bin Rental,  Rent a Bin, Disposal Bin Rental, Waste Containers, Dumpster Bin Rental, Rubbish Removal, Trash Bins, Dump Bin, Junk Removal, Mini Bins

Waste Audits

We perform professional, reasonably priced Waste and Recycling Audits in accordance with the Ministry of Environment requirements without interrupting your daily business routine

​Custom Designed Recycling Programs

At RMC, we ​will take the initiative to work with you to plan, design and create a customized solution to fit your unique requirements. We'll identify and address your challenges and work with you to establish your program's goals to ensure you have the best-customized design that fits your business's own specific needs

Baler and Compactor Sales & Service

​​We have a vast knowledge of using, selling and servicing compactors and balers, the necessary equipment for any business' recycling program and can be of great service to your business.

Plastics Recycling

Recycling Makes Cents has entered the emerging industrial plastic waste market.
We have found plastic recyclers who purchase a variety of scrap plastic and now offer our customers competitive pricing on their scrap plastic.

Paper Recycling

At Recycling Makes Cents, we collect paper and cardboard which is subsequently shipped to be recycled at paper mills around the globe every day. We offer competitive pricing and fast, reliable trucking service.

Moreover, we offer custom paper and cardboard recycling programs for every type of business.

Cardboard Recycling

​Recycling Makes Cents has custom-designed cardboard recycling programs. We can handle your cardboard waste lose, baled or in a compacted form.

​We pride ourselves on fast, reliable and friendly service. For industrial printers or industrial operations that generate large amounts of paper or cardboard waste, we provide open and closed roll-off boxes: 15, 20, 30 and 40-yard containers ranging from 16-24 feet long.

Electronic Recycling

Safely manage end-of-life electronics at your home or office. Over 90% of electronic parts can be recycled. At Recycling Makes Cents, we will accept your unwanted electronics​

Non-Ferrous Metals Recycling

​Recycling Makes Cents accepts scrap plumbing, electrical wiring, carbide, aluminum siding, aluminum rims or other non-ferrous metals.

We have a fast and reliable pick up service including roll-off container drop-off for residential and industrial metal customers with large quantities of scrap metal.

We have open and closed roll-off boxes: 15, 20, 30 and 40-yard containers ranging from 16-24 feet long.

We also offer Gaylord boxes ( 4'x4'x4' ) cardboard boxes for collection of materials - please call or email us for prices. Pickups can be made periodically according to customer needs.

We offer also :