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Waste Audits

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A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization. It identifies what types of recyclable materials and waste are being generated and how much of each type is recovered for recycling or discarded. Using the data collected during a waste audit, your organization can identify ways to reduce waste and enhance its recycling efforts and determine the potential for cost savings. By designing a more efficient waste and recycling program, your business can increase the amount of materials recycled, which reduces air and water pollution, helps curb global warming, and conserves natural resources.

In Ontario, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) established Regulations 102/103 in 1994. Regulation 102 governs the Implementation of Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work plans and applies to non-hazardous solid waste from designated Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sources (see list below).

Regulation 103/94 is a Source Separation Program, designed to facilitate the source separation of waste for reuse or recycling.

Here is a brief outline of businesses that are required to comply:

  • Retail Complexes/establishments with over 10,000 sq.. metres of floor space 
  • Construction Projects with over 2,000 sq. metres of floor space 
  • Hotels and Motels with over 75 units 
  • Demolition projects with over 2,00 sq. metres of floor space 
  • Office Buildings with over 10,000 sq.. metres of floor space 
  • Restaurants with over $3 million in sales per year Manufacturers with over 16,000 employee hours worked per month (approx. 100 employees) 
  • Multi-Unit Residential Buildings with six + units in a municipality with population of 5,000 + Hospitals Class A, B, or F 
  • Educational Institutions with over 350 students

We perform professional, reasonably priced Waste and Recycling Audits in accordance with the Ministry of Environment requirements without interrupting your daily business routine.

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